About Us

Tempo Merch started in 2017 after one of the bands I was touring with needed a new merch company. I quickly built them a webstore and started doing projections for tours while also finding printers to work with that could fulfill our merchandise needs. Fast forward to 2020 and multiple other band webstores, thousands of tee shirts sold online, and even more sold on the road we have ourselves a little family growing. If joining this family is something you or your artists are interested in, please drop us a line at info@tempomerch.com


E-Commerce We will build you a Merch Store that is simple and to the point so the buyer can easily navigate through the items you have available to purchase. We also help create exclusive marketing assets for you to promote across your social media to help drive traffic.


Production/Fulfilment We have several partners we work with throughout world that can facilitate what you need while on the road. Tempo will also give you several options for shipping so that we can ensure you get your packages on time.


Tour Tempo Merch started in touring, and we hold it near and dear to our hearts. We understand the importance of having merchandise that connects with the fans. We can help develop a product line for your tour, shipping logistics, and projections.  We make sure that you are and ordering enough so that you don’t run out, but also so that you aren’t stuck with hundreds of leftover designs and thus hundred, if not thousands of lost dollars.


Art We work with dozens of graphic designs to help build you a line that is uniquely your own. If you have an idea, we can bring it to life, and if you are hands off and just want a product line, we can do that to. Nothing is off limits, and we love to push the creativity between our artists and designers.

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